An almost ten years experience as Quality Responsible of Gucci SpA, brings us closer to the reality of fashion.

Here MARRARA learned which are the best quality standards, suppliers, and flow of raw materials from the best italian fashion Maisons in the world.

Marrara shoes merge with the worldwide known Italian lifestyle, and keep in their soul an urban style approach which will be of interest for any look in search of the values of beauty and creativity.

Marrara shoes originate from the experience of selected artisans and at the same time from their passion for an old craft that, thanks to a constant stylistic evolution, has become a real form of art.

Unique shoes, completely handmade by master cobblers who day after day take care and dedicate themselves to improve the product.

All processes are carried out entirely in Italy within selected Companies with the highest attention to detail from the design phase of new models, the choice of natural materials, the exclusive use of high quality leather up to the techniques of finishing.

All this wealth, has been used in this new, challenging adventure, to create a reference of luxury and quality for the gentleman without neglecting to monitor the price.


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